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Schneider Electric Engineering

About us

Schneider Electric Engineering Ltd. was established in 1981 as a private company to carry out electrical projects in infrastructures, developments, high & low voltage devices and automation & control systems.

The company, owned by the Schneider family, is the parent company of MDT Ltd. and Telcon Ltd.; plus various other firms; all of which are under complete or partial ownership of the Schneider family.  The Schneider companies were established by Mr. Itsik Schneider, an Electrical Engineer BSC, today the President of Schneider Electric Engineering in addition to a number of his other holdings.

Schneider Electric Engineering strives to provide efficient, courteous, professional customer service, prompt, reliable delivery times and competitive prices.

 Schneider Electric Engineering is for many years a supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and a registered contractor for governmental projects. (*) Register book for classified contractors: 240,250,270,160*5A, (unlimited)


Company Structure


Implementation Department

Deals with the design and building of high and low voltage electrical structures on a

contractual base.


Electrical Boards Factory

Manufactures electrical boards, power stations and control boards for Schneider projects, other

contractors and end users. The factory, ISO certified, is equipped with a fully computerized

manufacturing system that adheres to the strict standards of ISO 9001/2000. (Certificate # 1419, SII's

standard #22).


Marketing and Sales Department

Deals with the import and sales of control accessories; provides technical support in all fields,

specializing in the industrial market. Schneider Electric is the sole agent for companies from

Germany, Korea, Denmark, Canada, France, England and Italy; among them


Schneider Electric Engineering – The Best Technical Solutions


2, Ha'Amal St. P.O.B. 1023, Afula 18110, Israel

Tel: 972-4-6094428  Fax: 972-4-6094457

Email: [email protected]

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